Air Quality priorities for Beiersdorf with our AHU design

Air Quality priorities for Beiersdorf with our AHU design

Protecting health and guaranteeing indoor air quality with bespoke AHU design

Faced with a post-Covid environment where the dangers of stale and dirty air are clear, German manufacturer Beiersdorf needed to ensure its air handling units were up to the job. Air Vent Technology was on hand to help.

The Challenge

Beiersdorf’s Birmingham site has always put its environment at the top of its priorities. A longstanding WELL certification showed its commitment. But managers at the site were concerned its air handling units were no longer able to ensure adequate indoor air quality.

An extract fan discharging into a filter, then pressuring the thermal wheel, meant there was potential for up to 20% recirculation of extract air into the supply airstream.

The unit was positioned in a small, cramped space – making potential changes particularly challenging. The presence of Birmingham Airport in the local vicinity also meant the installation of any replacement unit would have to be completed under strict cranage time limits.

Indoor Environmental Systems Ltd, the facilities manager for Beiersdorf, asked Air Vent Technology to conduct a full review of the unit and offer recommendations about a refurbishment or full replacement.

The Solution

Air Vent Technology used its decades of expertise to design a bespoke air handling unit created specifically to operate within the parameters of the existing plantroom space.

The unit included a high efficiency counterflow plate heat exchanger heat recovery module. It was manufactured and delivered in flatpack form, with all components sized to fit through a single door access route.

A scheduled delivery meant the unit could be offloaded from pallets within the allotted cranage time. Within three days, our engineers had assembled and installed the unit its final location. Indoor Environmental Systems Ltd then completed the ductwork, pipework, and control connections.

How we helped

  • AHU review and system survey support
  • Bespoke AHU design for plantroom dimensions
  • Flatpack design and single access door delivery
  • Coordinated production to meet scheduled delivery
  • On-site assembly and installation
  • Ongoing support for Indoor Environmental Systems Ltd


Beiersdorf now enjoys a ventilation system that offers employees and visitors enhanced indoor air quality. AVT’s design expertise has reduced the potential for Covid-19 to cross-contaminate the fresh air supply and guaranteed the building’s ongoing WELL certification.








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