Designing and fabricating bespoke AHUs for cramped spaces

Designing and fabricating bespoke AHUs for cramped spaces

Adapting to tight physical restrictions and detailed performance requirements is a frequent challenge for our expert team.


Air Vent Technology is used to working in confined spaces. But even our specialist engineers were put to the test when we received a request to provide a bespoke supply system AHU for full fitting inside an enclosed cupboard at our customer’s base.

The cupboard was already in place. There was no scope for it to be rebuilt or dismantled, so strict limits existed on all possible dimensions of the AHU.

The AHU had to be safely transported through the building and installed in its completed state. It also had to meet specified airflow, filtration, and heating levels. And it had to be supplied in a specific shade of blue to match existing equipment on site.


Over three months, Air Vent Technology’s expert team met regularly with our customer as we worked to design, fabricate, and supply a bespoke AHU and assorted components able to fit and operate within the on-site restrictions.

The final design was repeatedly fine-tuned to ensure the best possible solution was provided. Eventually, a firm concept went from drawings to fabrication, with the airflow positioned in a U shape circulating down through the unit and back up. Along the way, it passed through filtration and heating systems, giving it the capacity to deliver 400l/s airflow and a 20 degree rise in temperature.

Consideration and careful planning were also given to the route the AHU would take as it made its way through the building to its final installation site. Measurements of all doors, corridors and other potential obstacles were taken to ensure the AHU could reach its planned destination.


The completed AHU was delivered and installed without hitch. All airflow, heating, and filtration targets were met.

Our engineers also ensured complete consistency across the site, powder-coating the new AHU in the exact RAL shade required to match the existing blue on-site equipment.

The unit continues to deliver excellent ongoing performance.

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