Modifying a standard inline MVHR unit

Modifying a standard inline MVHR unit

Air Vent Technology’s specialist team provided the knowledge and on-site expertise to work through a complicated challenge with speed and precision.


Our MVHRs are renowned as some of the best on the market, which is why our client was so determined to use them in a UK tower block setting.

But there was a problem. The specifics of the intended site’s ducting system meant our unit’s standard spigots would not be suitable.

Our client also wanted a modification to the bypass system, and the option of new sensors being fitted to the unit.

Only once these challenges had been addressed would our unit be suitable for this specific situation.


Our team took the time and care to rigorously assess all the requested modifications before embarking on a journey that ultimately produced a final unit that exactly met all of our client’s criteria.

First, a series of online meetings helped to define the initial parameters of what was required. From there, we produced detailed 3D renders for approval.

We then invited our client to visit our factory to inspect the prototype before we visited its offices to discuss any final changes.

This close, ongoing relationship meant no detail was missed. A partnership built on collaboration and a determination to find the best possible solution led to the unit being adapted multiple times.

Eventually, the plans for the unit were confirmed and full production, delivery, and installation proceeded at speed.


Our client was delighted with the final product and impressed with the speed of delivery and installation.

The unit was so well received that several other tower blocks have expressed an interest in using the same modified MVHR system.



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