TopFlo Case Study

TopFlo Case Study

A small space – but a big ventilation success!

When space is limited and all options seem impossible, Air Vent Technology can still provide the solutions you need.


In a new plant area that desperately required adequate ventilation, one major challenge stood out above all others: tight limitations on the available floor space for any unit to be fitted.

On a practical level, this meant that the standard ducting connections that would normally emerge stacked above each other horizontally from the end of a unit were simply not suitable.

In such a restricted space, our expert team of specialists had to find a new way to ensure an appropriate heat recovery unit could be installed.


In a standard installation, a stacked counterflow heat recovery unit such as the HRPSL model would have normally been used.

In these circumstances, however, there simply wasn’t the space to accommodate horizontal ducting connections.

Our team instead identified the HRPVX counterflow vertical heat recovery unit as the correct choice. It offered exceptional performance, easily meeting the required levels in the plant setting, while its top connections meant all ducting could be kept at a high level.

It is also incredibly compact, measuring just 2.5m (width) x 1.45m (depth). And at just 1.85m tall, it is also small enough to fit into most sites without any issue whatsoever.


The choice of the HRPVX delighted the end customer, whose plant can now operate in full compliance with all health and safety regulations.

All access was kept at the front of the unit, enabling an extremely compact installation. In fact, it’s so small it could even have been installed in an enclosed cupboard to completely hide it from view.

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