The cheaper, faster way to guarantee maximum performance

Save up to 50% compared to new air handling units when you refurb rather than replace, with Air Vent Technology’s Site Engineering Services (SES).

You’ll also enjoy the extra speed and convenience of avoiding completely new installations. Increased performance and product design updates are part of the package. And you’ll benefit from the expertise and experience of a team with almost 30 years of industry innovation.

Our site engineering division can remove and replace items that are showing signs of deterioration and bring them back to life. We regularly refurbish and repair internal and external casework and components, including panel filters, bag filters, heating and cooling coils, fan and motor assemblies, belt and pulley drives, plug fans, and attenuators to give your system increased reliability, greater efficiency and improve your indoor air quality.

Why choose AHU refurbishment & repair?

Reduce plant downtime

Avoid costly full replacements

Restore original performance

Increase energy recovery up to 50%

Extend the life of existing units

Our tried and tested AHU refurbishment process

1. Site Survey
We complete a comprehensive survey of your site
2. Planning
Creating a schedule of works and itemise replacement parts
3. Assembly
The parts are flat packed or sub-assembled
4. Recommissioning
The unit is re-commissioned and a technical specification issued
5. Recycling
We then safely recycle or dispose of old parts

Our expert Site Engineering Services (SES) department developed our fast and effective process. But, we understand that your situation might be unique. Which is why we offer solutions like flatpack and flexible site visits.

Before & After Refurbishment

A world of difference

See the impact our Site Engineering Services (SES) department can have. This 25-year-old AHU was well past its best. Internal and external upgrades and modifications were desperately needed. So our SES team:

  • Updated the appearance by installing smart new external panels
  • Replaced old belt-drive AC fans with new energy-efficient EC motors
  • Fitted a new gas burner and DX coils
  • Installed replacement filters and a new control package


What’s included in your refurbishment service?

We can supply and install all necessary components as part of your air handling unit refurbishment. We will also remove old or damaged items, schedule work at your convenience (even weekends), and arrange for flat-pack new components when installation is required in hard-to-access areas.

What parts of an air handling unit can be refurbished?

Almost every part of an AHU can be refurbished by Air Vent Technology’s experienced team. This includes panel filters, bag filters, heating and cooling coils, fan and motor assemblies, belt and pulley drives, plug fans, and attenuators.

How much money can we save by refurbishing our AHUs?

Compared to buying and installing new AHUs, the costs of refurbishment are significantly cheaper. Some businesses have saved up to 50% compared to the costs of completely new units. And because refurbishment leads to improved AHU performance, you also save on running costs.

Besides costs, why else should we consider refurbishing AHUs?

AHU refurbishments offer a huge range of benefits, including quicker installation times, reduced plant downtime, lower carbon emissions, ongoing alignment with legislative changes, and easy coordination with other trades.

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