How to keep cool this summer with Air Vent Technology


How to keep cool this summer with Air Vent Technology

After a long, cold British winter, spring and summer are finally here! Suddenly, the weather forecast offers some hope, winter clothes have disappeared, and the weekends smell of barbeques. All is good – unless you’re in a poorly ventilated indoor environment.

With temperatures rising, now is the perfect chance to get prepped for summer. Installing suitable air handling units (AHUs) or extract fans helps to create a clean, fresh, comfortable, and healthy working environment for staff and visitors alike.

The benefits of air handling units and extract fans in warm weather

AHUs and extract fans are great investments across a range of settings, including commercial, industrial, residential, healthcare, education, retail, and hospitality environments.

In busy indoor environments – especially those where air can become either stale or humid – an AHU or extract fan can clean the air entering your building, adjust the humidity levels of your indoor space, and keep everyone comfortable by providing cooler, fresher airflow.

A good AHU or extract fan can also:

•             Reduce the potential of mould

•             Prevent damage to your building

•             Minimise or eliminate problems with condensation

•             Provide ongoing relief for people with summer allergies

The best air handling units and extract fans for summer

If your priority is to ensure a constant flow of fresh air to avoid humidity, AHUs are likely to be your best investment. Our range includes:

  • Large air handling units available in 11 standard sizes. Bespoke sizes are also available. With these units you can choose from plantroom or rooftop versions, benefit from flat-pack site assembly, and secure up to 25m3/sec airflow.
  • Small air handling units that are ErP compliant and come with acoustic lining to reduce noise breakout. Each unit is constructed from galvanised steel and offers EHB and LPHW heating, with EC fans built to suit L2.
  • Compact AHUs with an LPHW heating coil and EC motor, small AHUs with an EC motor and LPHW heating coil, and compact AHUs with electric heating and an EC motor complete our offering.

However, if your priority is to remove pollen and dust while keeping rooms at a comfortable temperature, extract fans might be more suitable. Our range includes:

  • Acoustic cabinet twin fans with a removable discharge cowl and fitted comprehensive controls. These are ErP compliant 2009/125/EC, come in 14 different model options, and use low energy EC fans to suit L2.
  • Acoustic cabinet single fans that are also ErP compliant 2009/125/EC. Again, these incorporate low energy EC fans to suit L2. Choose from 14 different model options, with flexible designs available to suit your application.
  • Mixed flow fans available in four models. Robust galvanised steel construction and a mixed flow impellor help to ensure high performance. Thermal cut-out protection also comes as standard.

Now is the time to invest in AHUs and extract fans

Don’t wait until it’s too late. The warm weather is coming and our friendly team at Air Vent Technology is ready to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Contact us today to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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