Commercial ventilation: why air handling units are the only sensible choice


Commercial ventilation: why air handling units are the only sensible choice

When it comes to temperature and humidity control in commercial buildings, air handling units are now widely regarded as the most effective solution for creating a consistently healthy environment. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of air handling units, the key considerations for choosing one, and start to understand the different options available on the commercial ventilation market.

The benefits of installing air handling units in commercial settings

Companies who invest in an appropriate air handling unit enjoy two immediate benefits, both of which are critical to short-, medium- and long-term success.

  • Excellent working environment. Lots of people don’t realise that circulating air can be cleaned by an air handling unit. The humidity of the air can also be adjusted, creating the perfect working atmosphere. Both of those two advantages come on top of the traditional heating or cooling of air, giving you complete control over your indoor environment.
  • Better health outcomes. With stale air eradicated, problematic developments such as mould and condensation are also significantly reduced or resolved entirely. This prevents both your staff and any visitors from experiencing troublesome allergic reactions and avoids future spends on professional mould removal.

Air handling unit installation: the key considerations

Identifying the best air handling units for your property can seem daunting at first, especially when our full range includes 29 models and the option for fully bespoke designs where necessary. But two simple principles will quickly help to guide you to a sensible choice.

  • Where will it be installed? Your setting will go a long way to determining the type of air handling unit you need. For example, buying an air handling unit for a large, open manufacturing unit would be very different to buying an air handling unit for a small, enclosed office.
  • Do you have appropriate installation space? As well as checking the size of your potential installation space, do you also have appropriate access to get the unit in place? With small units, doors and corridors may be large enough for the unit to be delivered already assembled. For larger units, flat-pack installation may be the only suitable option.

How to choose air handling units

Once you’ve got a firm understanding of what you’re looking for, choosing the best air handling unit for your needs is relatively straightforward.

Get the complete package with Air Vent Technology

Whichever air handling unit you require, our experienced team is ready to provide all the assistance you need.

Our Site Engineering Services (SES) team is trusted across the UK to install and maintain commercial air handling units of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s refurbishment and repair, ongoing servicing, or flat-pack installation, we’ve got you covered!

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