Introducing Topflo®, a groundbreaking vertical counterflow heat recovery unit


Introducing Topflo®, a groundbreaking vertical counterflow heat recovery unit

Air Vent Technology launches HRPVX-EC infinity® Topflo®, a new high efficiency and vertical counterflow heat recovery unit designed to give site managers and planners unprecedented options for small and restricted spaces.

Buyers can choose from three different sizes and either left or right configuration, while a maximum air volume of up to 2.1m3/s offers industry-leading performance for a vertical unit.

UK designed and manufactured, it is ErP 2018 compliant and fitted with the latest energy efficient EC fans to meet L2 regulations. All connections are on the top of the unit, which is available with either electric or water heating.

The unit’s release is the latest advance in Air Vent Technology’s range expansion and continues to build on the company’s reputation for quality, design, and innovation.

Vectaire Group commercial director Robert Francis said: “Our R&D team have worked hard to create a truly market-leading unit in HRPVX-EC infinity® Topflo®. They can be proud of their efforts, because this new heat exchanger is already generating great reviews through a combination of efficiency, quietness, easy installation procedures and a compact size.”

The unit has vertical intake and discharge, with no mixing of airflows. A 25mm double skin helps to reduce noise breakout, with an acoustic high-density infill available for environments where low noise transmission is especially important.

All controls are fitted to the front of the unit, allowing for easy access and maintenance, while its relatively small size makes it ideal for installation in cupboards and other limited spaces.

Grade F7 (supply) and M5 (extract) filters are fitted as standard.

Download the full spec sheet for HRPVX-EC infinity® Topflo® below.

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