Air handling units: how to cut costs by up to 50% through refurbishment and repair

We’re all feeling it: the cost-of-living crisis has gone beyond our personal wallets and is now impacting businesses of all sizes across the UK.

If you’re a business owner or manager, you’ll be looking to save money wherever possible – without impacting on your overall operations. But maintenance and running costs still mount up, especially with large investments like air handling units.

Money saving maintenance for air handling units

AVT’s refurbishment and repair services have been specifically designed to save you money and boost your environmental credentials.

Instead of replacing faulty air handling units with brand new machines, the expert engineers in our Site Engineering Services (SES) department can diagnose, repair, and refurbish units that are starting to show signs of deterioration.

At the end of the process, you’re left with a perfectly working unit – often at only half the expense of a brand-new system. And you’ve saved the environmental impact of scrapping an AHU that still had plenty of life in it.

Here’s how it works in five simple steps:

  1. First, we come to inspect the unit and complete a comprehensive site survey.
  2. Next comes the planning. Our engineers will itemise all the necessary parts and draw up a schedule of works, giving everyone a clear understanding of what’s needed and what timetable we’re working to.
  3. Our assembly options are designed to make everything as efficient as possible. Parts will either be flat-packed or sub-assembled.
  4. With everything in place, our team can recommission your air handling unit and issue an updated technical specification.
  5. Finally, we’ll safely recycle or dispose of any old parts that were removed from your unit.

AHU refurbishments and repairs

Our team was recently called out to an air handling unit that had been operational for 25 years. It’s fair to say it had seen better days.

But no challenge is too big for our SES team. They quickly identified the upgrades, modifications and new parts that were needed. The full programme of works included:

  • Updating the appearance by installing smart new external panels
  • Replacing old belt-drive AC fans with new energy-efficient EC motors
  • Fitting a new gas burner and DX coils
  • Installing replacement filters and a new control package

We could easily do the same for you!

Find out more about booking our AHU refurbishment and repair services.

Why maintenance and servicing of your ventilation system is so important

Ventilation systems are found in almost every building. While they’re not something most people think about, it’s essential they operate to the latest industry standards.

Whatever your building’s use, ensuring your ventilation system is functioning at its peak is important for several reasons. In this blog post, you’ll discover how our ventilation site services can help you maintain your system and enjoy a range of measurable benefits.

Introducing AVT’s Site Engineering Services

Like most businesses, ventilation probably isn’t your number one priority – even if you recognise its importance for a healthy, productive environment. That’s why our site engineering services is designed specifically to take away the hassle of having to think about maintaining your ventilation system.
Across refurbishment, repair, installation, and servicing options, we’ve got everything you need to keep your units in excellent condition.

Save up to 50% on fitting new replacements

Most building owners understand the necessity of a good ventilation system but may not understand fully what the system needs to keep it in a good state.
Not every problem requires a brand-new unit. Our refurbishment and repair services can save you up to 50% of the cost of fitting new replacements. We replace parts with higher performance rated components, which in turn ensures you have a faster solution to any broken system, experience minimal disruption, and enjoy better long-term efficiency from your existing unit.

Benefit from easy installations

If you do need a new ventilation unit or system, we have the option of flat pack installation. Our experienced team can select and design custom systems to fit the space you have available, giving you a bespoke solution that best fits your environment. Choose a flat pack installation has several benefits, including:

  • No wall knockdowns and no costly building repairs as a result
  • No expensive road closures that impact others and require significant administrative resources
  • Minimal site disruption, so your business can continue as normal while our fitters complete the project
  • Convenient service that’s scheduled to work best for you, with flexibility over the time and date of any agreed installation

Enjoy longer service lives

Finally, if you’re not in need of a repair or new system entirely at the moment, our servicing options help to keep a close eye on your air handling units and avoid preventable repairs. Choose from scheduled, annual inspections or simply book our engineers to ensure your existing system is running to its full potential.
Regularly using our servicing team gives you higher AHU performance, longer service lives, fewer repairs, and less downtime. You’ll also reduce your energy bills and save avoidable expenditure by preventing problems developing in the first place.

Keep your building and people safe

It’s essential to keep environments comfortable for all workers and customers. Poorly ventilated spaces can generate health concerns through spread of viruses and bacteria, something that’s increasingly known after the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, we’re more conscious then ever of good air quality. Ensuring you have good working ventilation systems in place means you can reassure your people and provide them with:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Lower chances of illnesses spreading
  • More comfortable environments
  • Mould-free environments by stopping condensation

Get started today

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