Air Vent Technology 2023 Round-Up

Here at Air Vent Technology, we wanted to go through some of our key highlights of 2023, it has been a record-breaking year for us, and we wanted to celebrate by reminiscing about the past year. 

Firstly, we want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our clients. We appreciate your support and can’t wait to continue our relationship with everyone into 2024. If you are a new face here – we look forward to working with you!

We would not have had such a fantastic year without all of our team and their hard work. Our Managing Director, Kevin Green joined us this year, and is well-established within the business. We also welcomed Paul Spires in November to the AVT sales team. And, not to forget many of the other wonderful team members that have joined us this year. Shoutout to all our employees of the month!

If you have visited us this year you will have seen our reception transformation. If not, check it out on our socials! It has brought the entrance to life, and we love welcoming our guests there!

Of course, as a ventilation company, we use our platform to spread awareness for important dates such as World Ventil8 Day and International Clean Air Day. We also have added numerous case studies on our website showing our work including German manufacturer Beiersdorf’s Birmingham commercial site. Throughout the year we also post tips and information on LinkedIn on how to keep your home and business safe throughout the seasons.

The year wouldn’t be complete without some fun and team activities. Our favourites this year have included Pizza Day and team-building. Coming together as a company to support key campaigns such as the #wearitpink for breast cancer awareness and #worldmentalhealthday.

So, these have been some of our favourite moments from this year. Here is to making even more next year. Don’t forget we are closed for Christmas from Friday 22nd December, but we are back in the office on Tuesday 2nd January. You can call us on 01264 356415 or email us at – we look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

Back to school ventilation solutions: why now is the perfect time to invest.

As a new academic year begins and children across the country head back to school, what steps can you take to create the best possible learning and teaching environment?

Investing in a world-class ventilation solution is an easy way to enhance the health and experience of your pupils and staff.

Installing new ventilation units in your school offers several benefits for your pupils, staff, and budget.

1.            When paired with acoustic lagging or the reduction of the ceiling tile, Air Vent Technology’s are units designed to minimise sound generation and assist in the achievement of noise level standards set out in the Department for Education’s BB93 guidance. So, you can guarantee your pupils and staff can enjoy the best acoustic conditions for effective learning and teaching.

2.            Upgraded air conditioning and ventilation systems can significantly improve the quality of indoor air, providing a healthy working and learning environment for everyone spending time in your school building. Our MVHR classroom ventilation units offer CO2 demand control without impeding on the temperature set point requirements (unlike an NVHR unit).

3.            Newer air conditioning and ventilation units are also more energy efficient than older models. Replacing or upgrading a legacy system can help to reduce your overall energy bills.

High-quality, reliable UK-manufactured ventilation solutions

All our ventilation units are manufactured in the UK to ISO9001, giving you complete peace of mind about their performance, durability, and overall construction.

They are suitable for all school areas, whether zonal heat recovery units (MVHR) for classroom ventilation, larger central station plants for auditoriums or assembly halls, extract fans for toilet or shower areas, or high-temperature extract fans for kitchen systems.

•             Air handling units

Our air handling units are available in a range of different sizes, airflow capacities, and access options. So whatever the dimensions of your school building, you’ll find a system that delivers everything you need.

Pick from 11 different sizes of the STP large air handling unit, four different models of our EC motor small air handling units, or five different models of our compact AHUs with electric heating and EC motors.

•             Heat recovery units

Manufactured in 10 different sizes, our counter flow heat recovery units are available in side-by-side or stacked arrangement. They can power complete room air changes and have airflows of up to 4.3m3/sec.

Upgrade your ventilation solution today!

All of these units help to ensure concentration and classroom activity continue uninterrupted. But the practical applications of our ventilation solutions extend well beyond schools. They’ve also been installed and trusted in UK nurseries, colleges, student accommodation, and universities.

Whether you need help or guidance in finding the most appropriate model for your setting, or you know exactly what you want and just need a reliable partner to fulfill your order, our friendly team is always available and happy to talk.

Ready to get started?

View our full range of ventilation solutions for educational facilities.

Don’t let standards fall! Why air ventilation systems are crucial in autumn weather.

The colours are changing, and the mornings are getting crisp. Autumn brings with it lots of beautiful moments. But it also changes our behaviour, forcing us to spend more and more time inside – and that means good air ventilation systems take on a new level of importance in the battle to keep people healthy, buildings strong, and energy bills low.

Modern air ventilation systems offer three main benefits in a typical British autumn:

1.            Improving indoor air quality

As the mercury drops, listen carefully and you can almost hear the sound of millions of windows being slammed shut up and down the country. Trying to keep warm is a natural reaction. But it blocks off almost any opportunity for natural air circulation within a building.

The result? Harmful air pollutants can soon build up. In some cases, indoor air can be more polluted than the fresh, external air. Mould, pollen, and pathogens all increase – with inevitable consequences for our health.

However, a good air ventilation system lets you combat the cold weather without compromising on indoor air quality.

2.            Preventing moisture and condensation

Closing windows in cooler evenings and mornings doesn’t just cause issues with air pollutants. In buildings without sufficient indoor air circulation, it can also lead to the build-up of condensation on both windows and walls. That’s because the warm indoor air holds more water than the cold outdoor air. At points where the two ‘meet’, such as at windows, the indoor air can be cooled enough to reach what’s known as the ‘dew point’. From there, the water is released and starts to form the moisture problems we’re all familiar with.

If left untreated, this can eventually cause structural damage that isn’t cheap to fix. It can also cause health issues such as fatigue, headaches, and heightened asthma symptoms.

Installing a good air ventilation system, however, tackles the problem before it even occurs. Protecting homes and commercial buildings from moisture-related problems is always a wise step.

3.            Distributing indoor heat more evenly

During the colder winter months, air ventilation systems play an important role in lowering energy consumption and costs. As the heat inside your building warms, the ventilation system distributes that warmer air across the building. In turn, that means you can avoid ramping up the radiators to full blast and can instead enjoy a consistent temperature throughout the building.

With today’s high energy costs, any reduction in energy consumption is always welcome!

Invest in air ventilation this autumn.

If you’re concerned about your ventilation system, the time to act is now – before the truly cold weather starts to play havoc with your building, your health, and your budget.

Installing a new air ventilation system can give you a healthier, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient space. Keen to find out more? Browse our full range of air ventilation systems or call us at 01264 356415.

Vertical heat recovery units: 5 benefits and incentives for your next installation

Could a vertical heat recovery unit (HRU) make your building – and the planet – a healthier, happier place to be?

When it comes to making a property more energy efficient and reducing its carbon footprint, few choices will have a bigger impact than its heating and cooling system. At the same time, there is an increasing awareness of the dangers of poor air quality and the need to provide healthier indoor environments. That’s why HRUs have never been in a stronger position.

Here are five environmental benefits and incentives for choosing a vertical HRU in your next retrofit or new build project.

1 Use less energy

With up to 90% efficiency, our vertical heat recovery units include heat exchangers and can therefore retain up to 85% of your property’s energy.

Further steps can also be taken to ensure a HRU operates at its maximum possible efficiency. Selecting a unit fitted with EC motors will enable lower energy usage than those using traditional brush motors. A top-up heater battery can also raise the temperature from the plate heat exchanger, ensuring fresh air is delivered at the correct temperature for the space.

2 Generate lower greenhouse gas emissions

According to government figures, the built environment makes up 25% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

If your building currently relies on central heating or other high energy options, a vertical heat recovery unit can make a noticeable impact in your carbon footprint. HRUs provide heat without any need to use gas. To compound that benefit, the electricity needed to power a HRU can be generated from 100% clean and renewable sources. Installing a HRU is an easy way to contribute to creating a more sustainable planet and help the UK meet its target of a 68% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

3 Enjoy increased indoor air quality

Poor air quality is one of the biggest health issues facing the industrialised world and tackling dangerous levels of pollutants is a key aim of the World Health Organization, which has set a target for PM2.5 of 10 µg/m3 (WHO-10) by 2030.

In indoor environments, poor air quality can contribute to both allergies and respiratory problems. But modern HRUs are equipped to handle this issue much more effectively than traditional ventilation systems.

HRUs installed today contain powerful filters that remove allergens and pollutants before they have a chance to circulate in your building, thereby protecting those living and working in the property from potentially severe health consequences. They are also designed to operate with 100% fresh air, so contaminated internal air is never recirculated.

4 Access financial incentives

In recent years, the UK government has used financial incentives to try to encourage the installation of vertical heat recovery units. Schemes like the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Green Homes Grant were powerful persuaders, convincing many to make the necessary investment.

Today, those schemes are no longer active. But the government is still planning to spend the surplus budget allocated to those schemes on other green measures. Keep an eye out for local authority grants: these are expected to come increasingly to the fore.

5 Mitigate the effects of global warming

Temperature extremes are part of our new reality. In the summer of 2022, the UK baked in temperatures exceeding 40°C. The following year saw July 2023 confirmed as the hottest month ever recorded. The global mean surface air temperature record was broken on four consecutive days.

Thankfully, heat recovery units are dual purpose. As well as providing heat during the colder months, they can also cool a property’s air during warmer periods. This is likely to prove invaluable if further heat waves occur.

It’s time to invest in vertical heat recovery units

If you’re looking for a heating and cooling solution that improves air quality, minimises energy use, and creates a more sustainable environment, vertical HRUs are your best choice.

View our full range of market-leading vertical HRUs today.

Air handling units: how to cut costs by up to 50% through refurbishment and repair

We’re all feeling it: the cost-of-living crisis has gone beyond our personal wallets and is now impacting businesses of all sizes across the UK.

If you’re a business owner or manager, you’ll be looking to save money wherever possible – without impacting on your overall operations. But maintenance and running costs still mount up, especially with large investments like air handling units.

Money saving maintenance for air handling units

AVT’s refurbishment and repair services have been specifically designed to save you money and boost your environmental credentials.

Instead of replacing faulty air handling units with brand new machines, the expert engineers in our Site Engineering Services (SES) department can diagnose, repair, and refurbish units that are starting to show signs of deterioration.

At the end of the process, you’re left with a perfectly working unit – often at only half the expense of a brand-new system. And you’ve saved the environmental impact of scrapping an AHU that still had plenty of life in it.

Here’s how it works in five simple steps:

  1. First, we come to inspect the unit and complete a comprehensive site survey.
  2. Next comes the planning. Our engineers will itemise all the necessary parts and draw up a schedule of works, giving everyone a clear understanding of what’s needed and what timetable we’re working to.
  3. Our assembly options are designed to make everything as efficient as possible. Parts will either be flat-packed or sub-assembled.
  4. With everything in place, our team can recommission your air handling unit and issue an updated technical specification.
  5. Finally, we’ll safely recycle or dispose of any old parts that were removed from your unit.

AHU refurbishments and repairs

Our team was recently called out to an air handling unit that had been operational for 25 years. It’s fair to say it had seen better days.

But no challenge is too big for our SES team. They quickly identified the upgrades, modifications and new parts that were needed. The full programme of works included:

  • Updating the appearance by installing smart new external panels
  • Replacing old belt-drive AC fans with new energy-efficient EC motors
  • Fitting a new gas burner and DX coils
  • Installing replacement filters and a new control package

We could easily do the same for you!

Find out more about booking our AHU refurbishment and repair services.