Back to school ventilation solutions: why now is the perfect time to invest.

As a new academic year begins and children across the country head back to school, what steps can you take to create the best possible learning and teaching environment?

Investing in a world-class ventilation solution is an easy way to enhance the health and experience of your pupils and staff.

Installing new ventilation units in your school offers several benefits for your pupils, staff, and budget.

1.            When paired with acoustic lagging or the reduction of the ceiling tile, Air Vent Technology’s are units designed to minimise sound generation and assist in the achievement of noise level standards set out in the Department for Education’s BB93 guidance. So, you can guarantee your pupils and staff can enjoy the best acoustic conditions for effective learning and teaching.

2.            Upgraded air conditioning and ventilation systems can significantly improve the quality of indoor air, providing a healthy working and learning environment for everyone spending time in your school building. Our MVHR classroom ventilation units offer CO2 demand control without impeding on the temperature set point requirements (unlike an NVHR unit).

3.            Newer air conditioning and ventilation units are also more energy efficient than older models. Replacing or upgrading a legacy system can help to reduce your overall energy bills.

High-quality, reliable UK-manufactured ventilation solutions

All our ventilation units are manufactured in the UK to ISO9001, giving you complete peace of mind about their performance, durability, and overall construction.

They are suitable for all school areas, whether zonal heat recovery units (MVHR) for classroom ventilation, larger central station plants for auditoriums or assembly halls, extract fans for toilet or shower areas, or high-temperature extract fans for kitchen systems.

•             Air handling units

Our air handling units are available in a range of different sizes, airflow capacities, and access options. So whatever the dimensions of your school building, you’ll find a system that delivers everything you need.

Pick from 11 different sizes of the STP large air handling unit, four different models of our EC motor small air handling units, or five different models of our compact AHUs with electric heating and EC motors.

•             Heat recovery units

Manufactured in 10 different sizes, our counter flow heat recovery units are available in side-by-side or stacked arrangement. They can power complete room air changes and have airflows of up to 4.3m3/sec.

Upgrade your ventilation solution today!

All of these units help to ensure concentration and classroom activity continue uninterrupted. But the practical applications of our ventilation solutions extend well beyond schools. They’ve also been installed and trusted in UK nurseries, colleges, student accommodation, and universities.

Whether you need help or guidance in finding the most appropriate model for your setting, or you know exactly what you want and just need a reliable partner to fulfill your order, our friendly team is always available and happy to talk.

Ready to get started?

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Don’t let standards fall! Why air ventilation systems are crucial in autumn weather.

The colours are changing, and the mornings are getting crisp. Autumn brings with it lots of beautiful moments. But it also changes our behaviour, forcing us to spend more and more time inside – and that means good air ventilation systems take on a new level of importance in the battle to keep people healthy, buildings strong, and energy bills low.

Modern air ventilation systems offer three main benefits in a typical British autumn:

1.            Improving indoor air quality

As the mercury drops, listen carefully and you can almost hear the sound of millions of windows being slammed shut up and down the country. Trying to keep warm is a natural reaction. But it blocks off almost any opportunity for natural air circulation within a building.

The result? Harmful air pollutants can soon build up. In some cases, indoor air can be more polluted than the fresh, external air. Mould, pollen, and pathogens all increase – with inevitable consequences for our health.

However, a good air ventilation system lets you combat the cold weather without compromising on indoor air quality.

2.            Preventing moisture and condensation

Closing windows in cooler evenings and mornings doesn’t just cause issues with air pollutants. In buildings without sufficient indoor air circulation, it can also lead to the build-up of condensation on both windows and walls. That’s because the warm indoor air holds more water than the cold outdoor air. At points where the two ‘meet’, such as at windows, the indoor air can be cooled enough to reach what’s known as the ‘dew point’. From there, the water is released and starts to form the moisture problems we’re all familiar with.

If left untreated, this can eventually cause structural damage that isn’t cheap to fix. It can also cause health issues such as fatigue, headaches, and heightened asthma symptoms.

Installing a good air ventilation system, however, tackles the problem before it even occurs. Protecting homes and commercial buildings from moisture-related problems is always a wise step.

3.            Distributing indoor heat more evenly

During the colder winter months, air ventilation systems play an important role in lowering energy consumption and costs. As the heat inside your building warms, the ventilation system distributes that warmer air across the building. In turn, that means you can avoid ramping up the radiators to full blast and can instead enjoy a consistent temperature throughout the building.

With today’s high energy costs, any reduction in energy consumption is always welcome!

Invest in air ventilation this autumn.

If you’re concerned about your ventilation system, the time to act is now – before the truly cold weather starts to play havoc with your building, your health, and your budget.

Installing a new air ventilation system can give you a healthier, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient space. Keen to find out more? Browse our full range of air ventilation systems or call us at 01264 356415.

Meet our new MD! Introducing Kevin Green…

After a 30-year career working with international businesses in IT, hospitality, manufacturing, and distribution, Kevin Green has started his new role as AVT’s managing director. We sat down to find out how he feels after his first few weeks in post.

Welcome to the team, Kevin. Why did you join AVT?

“It’s an exciting time to join the company. AVT is on a growth trajectory. The parent company is investing heavily in the business and the people who work here want to succeed.

“As we become even more customer-led, there will be changes, there will be challenges, and there will be more investment – in people, in products, in infrastructure, and in our facilities. I’m confident that, as a team, we will grow AVT into something very special.”

What experience do you bring to the role?

“Over the past three decades, I’ve been fortunate to work for many businesses. I specialise in bringing innovative new products to market, and growing, scaling, and transforming operations to produce bigger financial gains, build stronger teams, and futureproof operations. Enabling and supporting organisation to find better ways of doing things is what I do best.

“Now, I’m looking forward to playing my part in helping to drive AVT to even greater success. I feel very privileged to have been appointed as the MD and I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone at AVT and the Vectaire Group for making me so welcome.”

Keep checking back to see how Kevin and the rest of the AVT team continue to deliver market-leading air handling and heat recovery units to a broad range of customers and sectors. It promises to be an exciting period in our history!

Welcome to Air Vent Technology Dave Young! Our new Production & CI Manager

Here at Air Vent Technology we welcomed Dave Young our new production and CI manager to the team. Dave has brought a wealth of experience in management, CI and Lean Six Sigma.

Keep reading to find out how he’s settling in!

Welcome to the team, Dave. Why did you join AVT?

“After talking with Robert (Francis, group commercial director) and understanding the plans for growth and where the business was in this journey, I could see the positives in the future plans and site expansions. This, together with a portfolio of products that would support an improvement in better ventilation systems within the homes and workplaces, is what everyone is looking for following on from the challenges of Covid.”

What experience do you bring to the role?

“I started out by studying as a polymer technologist and completing a business management course before becoming a blow moulding technician. Over several years, I worked my way to site manager. In 2002, I moved to another business, this time manufacturing pharmaceutical polymer moulding. There, I looked after three manufacturing sites and a large warehouse. Two years later, I was part of a management takeover where I became the operations director and held 15% of the company’s shares. It was a challenging time, but I learned so much in finance and developing growth plans.

“In 2007, after 25 years in the plastic industry, I swapped to corrugated packaging and started work as SCA’s operations director in Thatcham. I remained there for seven years, until I was asked to join Kuehne & Nagel to head up the south regional distribution centre of its drinks division. This mainly involved overseeing the daily logistics and transport operation, which was another great learning opportunity.

“And now here I am, looking forward to this hugely exciting opportunity with AVT. I can’t wait to see our plans develop over the coming months and years.”

What do you enjoy outside of work?

“We have a very energetic springer spaniel waiting at home. My wife and I enjoy long walks trying to tire him out – although it never normally works! We also have a touring caravan that we enjoy using throughout the year for weekend getaways, so yes, I apologise now… I am one of those caravaners that you curse for holding you up on the roads.”

Well, as Dave said himself there are a lot of exciting things to come here at AVT, we look forward to providing even more ventilation systems, just like our Topflo® vertical heat recovery unit, to make ventilation an easy priority in any business.