Back to school ventilation solutions: why now is the perfect time to invest.

As a new academic year begins and children across the country head back to school, what steps can you take to create the best possible learning and teaching environment?

Investing in a world-class ventilation solution is an easy way to enhance the health and experience of your pupils and staff.

Installing new ventilation units in your school offers several benefits for your pupils, staff, and budget.

1.            When paired with acoustic lagging or the reduction of the ceiling tile, Air Vent Technology’s are units designed to minimise sound generation and assist in the achievement of noise level standards set out in the Department for Education’s BB93 guidance. So, you can guarantee your pupils and staff can enjoy the best acoustic conditions for effective learning and teaching.

2.            Upgraded air conditioning and ventilation systems can significantly improve the quality of indoor air, providing a healthy working and learning environment for everyone spending time in your school building. Our MVHR classroom ventilation units offer CO2 demand control without impeding on the temperature set point requirements (unlike an NVHR unit).

3.            Newer air conditioning and ventilation units are also more energy efficient than older models. Replacing or upgrading a legacy system can help to reduce your overall energy bills.

High-quality, reliable UK-manufactured ventilation solutions

All our ventilation units are manufactured in the UK to ISO9001, giving you complete peace of mind about their performance, durability, and overall construction.

They are suitable for all school areas, whether zonal heat recovery units (MVHR) for classroom ventilation, larger central station plants for auditoriums or assembly halls, extract fans for toilet or shower areas, or high-temperature extract fans for kitchen systems.

•             Air handling units

Our air handling units are available in a range of different sizes, airflow capacities, and access options. So whatever the dimensions of your school building, you’ll find a system that delivers everything you need.

Pick from 11 different sizes of the STP large air handling unit, four different models of our EC motor small air handling units, or five different models of our compact AHUs with electric heating and EC motors.

•             Heat recovery units

Manufactured in 10 different sizes, our counter flow heat recovery units are available in side-by-side or stacked arrangement. They can power complete room air changes and have airflows of up to 4.3m3/sec.

Upgrade your ventilation solution today!

All of these units help to ensure concentration and classroom activity continue uninterrupted. But the practical applications of our ventilation solutions extend well beyond schools. They’ve also been installed and trusted in UK nurseries, colleges, student accommodation, and universities.

Whether you need help or guidance in finding the most appropriate model for your setting, or you know exactly what you want and just need a reliable partner to fulfill your order, our friendly team is always available and happy to talk.

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