Ventilation Solutions for Educational Facilities

Give children and teachers the setting they need to develop and learn with our first-class education heating and ventilation systems.

Choose from a range of powerful heat recovery and ventilation units, each manufactured exclusively in the UK and supported by our industry-leading customer service.

Our education solutions also include quiet operating units to ensure concentration and classroom activity continues uninterrupted.

– Effective ventilation to support student learning
– Heat recovery units offering complete room air changes
– Quiet units to meet Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) noise requirements

Support for classroom learning

Browse our extensive selection of ventilation units and choose from different sizes, airflow capacities, and access options. All our models are energy efficient and fully manufactured in the UK, so your peace of mind about the ongoing quality and reliability of your chosen unit is guaranteed.

Eliminate air recirculation

Enjoy complete room air changes with our range of 10 standard sized heat recovery units. With airflows of up to 4.3m3/sec and high efficiency counter-flow heat exchangers, educating settings become a place of safety and comfort. Each unit is manufactured to IS09001.

BB93 noise compliance

Ask us about our specially designed quiet operating units, which offer certified BB93 compliance. Students’ concentration goes uninterrupted and teaching staff value the contribution they make in aiding the learning environment.

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