Residential Ventilation Solutions

Ensure residents, tenants and homeowners have the comfort they deserve with first-class residential heating and ventilation products from Air Vent Technology.

All our systems are manufactured exclusively in the UK and built to ISO9001. So you’ll never have any doubts about the quality, craftsmanship or expertise involved in their production.

Energy efficiency and ErP compliance come as standard – just like our industry-renowned customer service and support, giving you unrivalled expertise to help with all aspects of your project.

– Air handling units for communal areas
– MVHR and MEV solutions compliant with Part F Building Regs
– Quiet and highly efficient ventilation systems

Ventilation products for communal areas

In buildings with shared living spaces, such as care homes, apartment blocks and student accommodation, ventilation is critical to maintaining a healthy living environment. Choose from compact, small and large air handling units and enjoy the peace of mind provided by high quality UK manufacturing.

SAP-listed MVHR and MEV options

Select from SAP-listed mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) and mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) systems to provide all the comfort your building needs. Available in a range of sizes and airflows, and each meeting Part F Building Regulations as standard, you’re guaranteed to find the right product for your site.

Quiet and energy efficient systems

Help to maintain mental wellbeing for tenants, residents and homeowners by installing our quiet, energy efficient systems. With background noise reduced to a minimum, property dwellers can live their lives in comfort and peace. Ask our friendly customer service team for more details on our latest options.

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